Review of Engadget’s Review of Nexus One

Okay, so Engadget has been the first one to get their hands on the exclusive preview of Nexus One and now the "proper & complete" review of the same device. Honestly speaking, the more I read about the device, the more intrigued I get. Therefore, for your reading pleasures, for now, here's my review of Engadget's review of Nexus One.

First of all, it is a pretty decent review and I would not expect anything less from them but having said that, it seemed at some points that the review was being done to please Google. For example, it is honest to say that Google's Nexus One is heavily "inspired" by Apple's iPhone. Well, most of the smartphones coming in these are somewhat trying to be like iPhone. Engadget however is trying to establish that the device has its own identity. Maybe so, as Google had the chance to study all the major device and them come up with the amalgamated version. Come on people, it's okay to say that it is a better version of iPhone by another OEM. Don't be alarmed, I am not an Apple fan-boy but I would like to give them credit to be the one inspiring others to notch up the competition.

Secondly, it's essentially a HTC phone running Google OS. Microsoft does not call the phones running its OS Microsoft Maximus Uno [Microsoft in case you decide to use this name for your future phone then I hold the copyright and all the other rights for it]. So, it is basically a HTC phone for Google with Google's input and OS on it. For reference please visit GSM Arena and check where they categorized it. HTC HD2 also has the same specs has Nexus One but only running Windows Mobile 6.5.

Now coming to the most important aspect of the entire review. There is no mention of the battery life and benchmarks of it. Instead the site mentions that it is good and will update the benchmarks later. Now come to think of it, Engadget used the phone on CES 2010 and its been over a week now that CES 2010 is over. There should have been extended tests and benchmarks. I smell something sharky here [fishy is a small term]. Maybe, just maybe Google Nexus One does not have a very good battery life. The reason I am saying that is because a week is pretty decent time for testing a battery life. Heck I do cell / mobiles review and test the battery life within a week. Later in the comments a user actually mentions that the battery life is like iPhone, lasts for a day. So why did Engadget did not perform any battery tests. Well, I will wait for them to update this section of their review.

Nexus One

A customer paying $580 (Unlocked with shipping) for a phone will also expect the internal memory to be, if not more, but sufficient like 4GB or 8GB. Even now Nokia phones have huge internal memories then why not this one. Engadget, do not justify this flaw by telling the readers that they can upgrade their memory cards to cover up for it. Someone looking for a portable music device would prefer iPhone over Nexus One any time due to this major short coming of this phone.

To sum it all up, the review is decent but I would like to wait for few other sites to come up with their analysis [like :)] There is a lot of market hype right now and to be honest, rightly so. Google has set high expectations for those OEM who have been in business longer than Google's existence itself therefore Nexus One is a breakthrough in all respects. I did not write this review of review just for the heck of it, I really wanted to enlighten the various segments which I did not feel right in it.

I would appreciate if anyone has used Nexus One can share his /her experience of it which would make it much more easier for potential buyers to make up their minds for it. I for one will buy it and not because it is the latest thing (I have never used an iPhone) but because I use Google apps so much in my daily life that this device will make my life much easier.

You can read the Engadget review here

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