Returnal 3.03 Update Rebalances Tower of Sisyphus Difficulty


A new Returnal update has gone live today worldwide, introducing some changes to the Tower of Sisyphus Endless Mode and more.

The 3.03 update rebalances the difficulty of the Tower of Sisyphus and, as a result, the leaderboards for the Endless Mode have been reset. It's not yet clear how difficulty has been rebalanced, and the official update notes do not provide any additional information on the matter.

Returnal Ascension Update 3.0 Available Now; Adds Co-op and New Endless “Tower Of Sisyphus” Modes

Returnal update 3.03 will be deployed today at 12:00PM BST, to balance difficulty in the Tower of Sisyphus. As a result of the update, the leaderboards will be reset.

The Returnal 3.03 update also introduces some Tower of Sisyphus and co-op fixes. You can find all the details below.

  • Tower of Sisyphus: Added Audio Logs to new locations in the tower
  • Tower of Sisyphus: Fixed a rare issue where Algos might refuse to die, or die too early in the tower
  • Tower of Sisyphus: Increased leaderboard scrolling speed
  • Co-Op: Fixed several issues where a client or host might encounter a black screen or hang when moving between biomes during co-op play
  • Co-Op: Fixed multiple minor gameplay bugs
  • Co-Op: Fixed two rare crashes in co-op mode

Returnal was released last year on PlayStation 5 worldwide. The game is Housemareque's first PlayStation 5 game and an excellent roguelike, as highlighted by Kai in his review.

Save for an ending that crashes nearly as hard as Helios' entry onto Atropos, Returnal checks all of the marks for what a best-in-class roguelike should aim for: a gameplay loop that rewards the player for innovation and mastery, loot that can synergize to create some unstoppable character builds, and most importantly, weapons that simply feel right in the player's hands. Without a doubt, Returnal is one of the finest PlayStation 5 exclusives available in 2021 and those that are eager for the next great challenge can find plenty to look forward to with Selene's first steps onto the alien planet again and again.

Returnal is now available on PlayStation 5 worldwide.

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