Restore iPhone or iPad to iOS 10.2 Without Losing Jailbreak Using OSRestoreX


Here's how you can utilize OSRestoreX and restore your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10.2 without losing jailbreak status at all.

Restore Your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10.2 Without Worrying About Updating to iOS 10.3.x or Losing Jailbreak

Time will eventually come when you are forced to restore your device because you went a little too far pushing those tweaks onto your iPhone or iPad from Cydia. When that happens, there's a huge risk of losing your jailbreak status altogether, since newer firmware releases are available from Apple that patch vulnerabilities that make the jailbreak happen in the first place. And to make matters worse, Apple immediately stops signing the firmware version which is currently jailbreakable, leaving you in an extremely tight situation.

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But thanks to a little tool called OSRestoreX, you can restore your device back to iOS 10.2 without losing your jailbreak status at all. But do keep one thing in mind - if your device is completely unusable, and have no option but to restore it using iTunes, then you are completely out of luck. OSRestoreX works only if you have access to Cydia and a little bit of iOS itself.

Last but not the least, it's best to make a good backup of your files and photos before going ahead since this process is going to delete everything from your iPhone or iPad.

Download OSRestoreX from Cydia

First of all, you need to download two packages from Cydia. But before going ahead, you need to add a couple of new repositories from Sources in Cydia. The first link is: and the second one is:

Once the repos have been added, download the Stashing for iOS 9.2 – 10.2 package and install it. After that, install the OSRestoreX package. Make sure you install the packages in the exact same order.

Restore Your Device Back to iOS 10.2

Once both tweaks are done doing their thing, navigate to Settings > General > Reset and then tap on Erase All Content and Settings. Simply verify your choice and iOS will begin restoring itself back to stock settings.

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You can then utilize Yalu in order to jailbreak your device back on iOS 10.2. Follow the guide posted below for full instructions:

It's highly recommended that users do not go overboard when it comes to installing jailbreak tweaks. There's a lot that can go wrong such as the inevitable compatibility issues and whatnot. Exercise patience as much as possible.