Resident Evil Village Very Experimental Third-Person Mod Showcased in New Videos


A new very experimental Resident Evil Village third-person mod has been showcased by a brand new video shared online.

The new video showcases the mod in development by modder FluffyQuack in Mercenaries mode. As the modder explained, there is still a lot of work to be done, as Ethan's model has no head and looks the wrong way while shooting.

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Huzzah, combat works!

If you ignore that the character model looks in the wrong direction while shooting, flashlight being in the wrong position, camera clipping through walls, Ethan having no head, upper body mesh always rendered on top of everything, sniper rifle view using the wrong position, the inability to interact with many object, and the view still going to first person when crouching or attacked then the mod is perfect!

... but yeah, this still needs a lot more work. I wasn't planning on fiddling so much with this, but maybe I'll experiment even more.


FluffyQuack also shared in the past few days another video that showcases the Resident Evil Village third person mod in House Beneviento, which seems to work slightly better as it features way less combat than Mercenaries mode.

This mod is not playable in the current state, by the way. Interacting with objects is very hard (you can see that early in the video when I try to interact with a door. I need to move the camera closer), you can easily clip the camera outside the world, but the biggest thing is that combat completely breaks the 3rd person camera. Hopefully, there are solutions to find for these problems.


Resident Evil Village is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Google Stadia worldwide.