Resident Evil Village, Monster Hunter Switch Are Still Planned For This Fiscal Year; Street Fighter 6 Likely To Release In 2022 – Rumor


Resident Evil Village and the yet to be announced Monster Hunter for Nintendo Switch are still planned for release in the current fiscal year.

Speaking on his Twitter profile, Dusk Golem, who has proved to be extremely reliable when it comes to Capcom information, revealed today that the Japanese publisher is still aiming to release both Resident Evil Village and the next Monster Hunter for Nintendo Switch in the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31st, 2021.

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Speaking about Monster Hunter Switch, Dusk Golem revealed that its announcement is right behind the corner, so there's a very good chance we may see it during tomorrow's Nintendo Direct Mini.

Dusk Golem also revealed that Street Fighter 6 is likely releasing in 2022, but if before or after March 2022 remains to be seen.

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Of the three games mentioned by Dusk Golem, Resident Evil Village is the only one that has been officially announced as of now. The game, which will be shown later this month during the Tokyo Game Show 2020, promises to spice up the classic series' experience with new themes and a new setting.

The first-person action in RE Village begins when players assume the role of a distraught and shattered Ethan as he seeks to uncover the mysterious new horrors that plague a once peaceful village. Throughout this terrifying journey, players will fight for every breath as they are hunted by vicious new enemies that have infested the snow-capped locale. Channeling the capabilities of next-generation consoles, the detailed realism and relentless feeling of fear will increase with each desperate battle for survival, while moments of calm will leave players wondering what new horrors await.

Resident Evil Village will release next year worldwide. We will keep you updated on all upcoming Capcom games as soon as more come in on them, so stay tuned for all the latest news.