Resident Evil Village First Comparison Videos Confirm Checkerboard Rendering on PS5, PS4 Pro


The first Resident Evil Village comparison video has been shared online today, highlighting the differences between the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro versions.

The new video, which has been put together by ElAnalistaDeBits, confirms that the game uses Checkerboard rendering on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Pro in 4K mode, with the average resolution being higher on PlayStation 5. Despite the differences in power between the consoles, Capcom seems to have done a pretty good job with the previous-gen version of the game.

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- Resident Evil Village on PS5 has the ability to enable or disable Ray Tracing mode. This change affects global lighting. The framerate with RT on is somewhat more unstable.
- PS4 Pro has two display modes. We can choose between 4K Checkerboard and an average of 40fps or 1080p/60fps.
- Shadows are the same in all versions.
- Anisotropic filtering is slightly higher on PS5.
- Loading times are incredibly fast on PS5. The demo starts 2 seconds, while on PS4 it is more than 30 seconds.
- PS5 and PS4 Pro (4K mode) use checkerboard (or a similar technique), although the average resolution is higher on PS5.

VG Tech also shared a first Resident Evil Village frame rate test which highlights how performance is mostly solid and within the targets provided by Capcom a few days ago. There's, however, some noticeable ghosting in the PlayStation 4 Pro version that is not found in the other versions.

PS4 Pro in Prioritize Screen Resolution Mode, PS5 with Ray Tracing On and PS5 with Ray Tracing Off all render at a resolution of 3840x2160 using what appears to be Checkerboard Rendering.

There's noticeable ghosting on PS4 Pro that isn't present to the same extent on the other consoles.

PS4 Pro in Prioritize Frame Rate Mode renders at a native resolution of 1920x1080.

PS4 renders at a native resolution of 1600x900.

Resident Evil Village launches on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Google Stadia worldwide on May 7th.