Resident Evil 6 Multiplayer Details Reveal Massive Changes To Online


Resident Evil 6 got confirmed earlier via an announcement trailer which shows the story, gameplay and even a release date but what the trailer doesn't show is the new multiplayer features the game throws in. With Resident Evil  5 players were able to take advantage of 2 player co op in either mercenaries or local / online co op through the main story but Capcom has taken it to the next level and introduced 6 PLAYER Co-op and 8 player competitive. This is by far the largest multiplayer addition to a Resident Evil game yet. While offline coop is still limited to 2 players the real fun will definitely encourage you to go online more often.

While Resident Evil never did focus much on creating a multiplayer base for itself it started off with Resident Evil 5 offering a co op story and mercenaries mode where players work together to achieve either story completion or score as high as they can with a combo chain, but with the release of Operation Raccoon City the company had made itself determined on making a game which was solely for multiplayer in the Resident Evil world. But Capcom has decided to carry out the same formula for Resident Evil 6 and throw in 2 - 6 player ONLINE co op and even a 2 - 8 (competitive?) multiplayer mode.

While the game modes are still a mystery it would be safe to assume that story mode and mercenaries could be making a comeback and maybe Capcom will borrow some of the game modes from Operation Raccoon City too to make the game more versatile and so that fans won't have to learn much when they come from Operation Raccoon City to Resident Evil 6, if you needed a reason to participate in the Resident Evil 6 multiplayer more actively now you have a reason, whether the 6 player coop will have a different story line or the same story line as the game is not known yet but imagine all the possibilities with 6 friends 😀 this game can be the best substitute of Left 4 Dead on the PS3 / XBOX 360.

Resident Evil 6 is going to be a blast for sure but if handled properly otherwise this game can end up being a disaster. The only thing I am happy about is the return of Leon after such a long time and the mystery character in the announcement trailer who is sought for because of his blood. I just hope Capcom doesn't DmC this game too.

Resident Evil 6 is releasing for the XBOX 360 / PlayStation 3 this year on November 20th and on a later date (which is not yet known) for the PC.