[UPDATE] Resident Evil 3 Remake New Footage Shows Amazing Art Direction, Multiple Paths, Quality of Life Improvements and More

Resident Evil 3 Remake

[Update] The Resident Evil 3 Remake English stream is now over, and it features pretty much the same footage seen in the latest Capcom TV episode. You can find the English footage here.

[Original Story] New Resident Evil 3 Remake gameplay footage has been shared today, showing more of the game in action.

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The new footage has been shown during the latest episode of Capcom TV, showcasing an amazing art direction for the recreated Raccoon City as well as some interesting features like multiple paths, instant picking up items, which streamlines the whole experience considerably and more.

You can find the new footage right below at around the 43-minute mark.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is going to get a playable demo very soon, as announced by Capcom last week. Nothing else has been said on it, but it is likely that we will learn more about it later today, thanks to a livestream that will likely show the same footage seen in the latest Capcom TV episode. New details have also been revealed last week, alongside new footage that shows the remake's high quality.

Capcom’s photo-realistic visuals bring Raccoon City to life with stunning detail. Blazing infernos cast zombie shadows down long alleyways. Faux movie posters adorn corridors. Dirt and abrasions show on Jill as she struggles to survive. The cumulative effect is striking.

The Resident Evil 3 remake dramatically reinvents the sprawling streets of Raccoon City – this is much grander than a one-to-one remaster. Expect larger areas and some reimagined sequences that dwarf those in the original game.

New shops and locations flesh out the collapsing city, including an expanded subway station, new labyrinthine sewer section, and a richly detailed donut shop (yum!).

City streets are wider and more open, unlike the relatively narrow corridors of the 1999 original. More room to dodge enemies!

Resident Evil 3 Remake launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 3rd worldwide. You can head over here to learn more about the upcoming survival horror game by Capcom.

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