How to Reposition the Keyboard in Windows 10 Mobile Devices


Looking to position the onscreen keyboard a little differently on your Windows 10 Mobile powered devices? Microsoft has added a simple little trick in the operating system to do that super easily.

Reposition Windows 10 Mobile keyboard:

Thanks to the increased real estate of screens that phablets provide us, we achieve even more ease of use when the OS offers us some flexibility too. Windows 10 Mobile makes it easy to navigate the layout of your Lumia's screens. If you wish to move the on screen keyboard and have it placed at a different position, it is very much possible. Here is all that you need to do:

  1. When the keyboard appears on the screen, hold down on a key for a few seconds until it is highlighted.
  2. Once the key is highlighted, you can move the keyboard and slide it up or down anywhere on the 10 mobile keyboard
  3. Your keyboard will now maintain its new position whenever you use it again, until you drop it somewhere else.

This neat little trick works everywhere in the operating system, both in the native and third-party apps. The keyboard is hiding an important part of the screen when you want to type and refer to the screen at the same time? Simply long press a key, drag and drop it at a different place. Ta da!

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