Red iPhone 7 Seemingly Being Teased by Chinese Retailer


The unveiling of the rumored Red iPhone 7 is expected to place during the time Apple announces its iPad Pro trio. While we continue to treat such revelations as rumors, one Chinese retailer has teased the announcement of a brand new iPhone and this has happened right after the Apple Store is down for maintenance. This simply cannot happen unless it was being done for a reason right?

Chinese Retailer Teaser Showcases a Word With Red Letters Being Used – Is the Website Changing up to List the Brand New Red iPhone 7?

Using the Chinese microblogging site Weibo, a retailer uploaded a very interesting photo that was caught by iGen. The word ‘Ready’ has been illustrated right at the bottom with three letters using the red color, and right after the Apple Store is down for maintenance; this cannot be just a coincidence, right? Another element that should grant your attention is a missing iPhone with its outlines present, which should signify the unveiling of a brand new color option.

iPhone 7 Special Edition (PRODUCT)RED Unboxing – Video

However, it should also be noted that Chinese retailers often use this tactic, but these new phones never see the light of day. If a Red iPhone 7 is announced during the same period as Apple showcases its brand new iPad Pro family, we believe that it will be sold in limited quantities. The tech giant certainly wants to keep the sales momentum going before it announces its iPhone 8 during the month of September, but the firm also does not want sufficient attention to move away from the aforementioned device.

We are under the impression that the Red iPhone 7 will have a glossy outlook just like the Jet Black iPhone 7, meaning that in addition to becoming a fingerprint magnet, it will also be susceptible to scratches. If that turns out to be true, then our recommendation is that you invest in a smartphone case that features the same color scheme as the one you will purchase, and we are sure that third-party manufacturers will do their best to release such cases in the market.

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