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Yesterday marked the day Apple introduced the new iPhone 7 Special Edition (PRODUCT)RED. While the smartphone was not the only new product announced, the company also did unveil the new 2017 iPad with a 9.7-inch display and powerful hardware. Other than this, 128GB iPhone SE, more storage for the iPad mini 4 and various Apple Watch bands and new case color options were announced. However, the star of the show remained the stunning red iPhone 7, which has been exclusively unboxed on YouTube.

First Unboxing Of The iPhone 7 Special Edition (PRODUCT)RED Hits YouTube

YouTuber, MKBHD gives an exclusive unboxing of the iPhone 7 Special Edition (PRODUCT)RED three days before its official availability. As you can see in the video embedded below, the overall unboxing does not surprise us, as all of the content inside the retail box of the phone is exactly the same as the regular iPhone. However, you can see a bit of a color change to match the red iPhone. You do get a (PRODUCT)RED card that explains the whole purpose of the campaign that Apple is working on to fight against AIDS.

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It would have been super amazing if Apple had included matching red earphones, Lightning cable and the USB charger. As for the iPhone 7 Plus itself, Marques Brownlee's reaction indicates that the new red color looks pretty stunning. Moreover, he also makes it his preferred choice of the three new colors introduced with the iPhone 7. The back is plain matte red anodized aluminum and not at all glossy like the Jet Black color option. So the phone will be more resistant to fingerprints. The ring around the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is silver, while red would have sufficed beautifully.

The iPhone 7 Special Edition (PRODUCT)RED comes with a white front. As per the YouTuber, it would have been better if the company had incorporated a black front, not that there's anything wrong with the white, it's still a favorite to many. This is the point where MKBHD coined three solutions to have a black front with a red back - changing the white front panel with a black one, putting a black skin on the white front or simply putting on a red case on any of the black iPhones.

The new iPhone 7 Special Edition (PRODUCT)RED looks absolutely amazing there's no doubt about that. Do check out our extensive coverage on everything that was introduced yesterday.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the new red color? Do you think Apple should introduce more colors like this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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