Apple Store Goes Down – ‘Something Special’ is on its Way


The online Apple Store is down, with a cryptic message adorning the page, suggesting that something very exciting is on its way.

Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of Rumored Special Product Release - But What Could it Be?

Yesterday, it came to light that Apple would take down its online store for maintenance. Today, Apple has done right to its promise and has taken down the online store for a short while. Interestingly, the site does not say that a maintenance is under progress. Instead, it suggests that something new is on its way. Check out the screenshot below to see what we are talking about.

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Now, we have no clue exactly what Apple has to show us. Given that there's no media event whatsoever, then signs point towards an extremely soft launch of a product, of course. Could we be seeing an incremental update to the iPad? Maybe. But at the same time, rumors suggests that Apple might actually end up revealing a new color option for the iPhone 7. A red color option, to be more precise. But of course, we don't have solid information yet to back up that claim. And while we are speculating anyways, it would be great if Apple reveals a Jet Black color option for the AirPods, which, seems unlikely, would be a wonderful compliment to the iPhone 7 lineup.

It won't be long till the Apple Store is back in business, revealing to us its dark secrets. Till that happens though, you are free to speculate in the comments section below what Apple might surprise as with.

Let's just hope it's not a disappointing little refresh to an already dwindling lineup of devices - the iPod.