Red Dead Redemption 2 Game Breaking Bug Allegedly Results in the Loss of 4 Characters – Rumor

Red Dead Redemption 2 pc game breaking bug

It appears that various players are suffering from a Red Dead Redemption 2 game breaking bug that results in the loss of 4 characters throughout the game.

As posted on the Red Dead Redemption Reddit, starting the Uncle Mission in chapter 2 as your first mission without talking to John, Abigail, Jack and Sadie first, will result in the loss of those characters. It was first thought that those characters would be lost for the rest of the game, but various users have stated that these characters are restored at chapter 4. We’ve included a part from the Reddit post below, including a way to prevent the bug from happening.

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“When you reach start of chapter 2 don't do anything before speaking with John,Abigail,Jack and Sadie”, Reddit user ‘Lasypanda’ wrote. “And do not do uncle mission first(you can do it as second mission).”

“Otherwise you might lose those 4 characters for the entire of the game( beside scripted missions).”


I see many people asking how to fix this. So here are the steps:
1.Save at start of chapter 2.
2.Talk with Jhon,Abi,Jack and saide.
3.Sleep until night to make sure they are still there
4.Do any mission EXCEPT UNCLE mission.
5.go back and see if they are still there. 6.Enjoy the game.

Now I'm not sure if that's the fix but it worked for me the 2 times I test it out.

Edit 2:

For people saying they are not supposed to be in camp I have played chapter 2 with and without them and there is huge difference.

Edit 3: Pepole are saying it get fixed at chapter 4, since I played chapter 2 twice and did testing for bug I haven't reached there yet but I believe them.

Did you experience this game breaking bug? Did the workaround prevent the bug from occurring? Hit the comments below.

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