Ready or Not Was Temporarily Removed from Steam due to Trademark Infringement


A couple of days ago, the tactical first-person shooter game Ready or Not was temporarily removed from the Steam store. This happened shortly after the developers at VOID Interactive added a Night Club map on the sixth anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida, where dozens of people were killed and even more injured by a madman.

Some players assumed that the distasteful addition caused the removal, but there are plenty of worse offenders still available on Steam. It turns out that the removal was actually due to a trademark infringement, as the developers reported a few hours ago.

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We’d like to address the rumors surrounding the takedown of Ready or Not and its associated pages on Steam that occurred on Thursday, June 16th.

A takedown request was issued via Steam concerning a suggested trademark infringement in our recent Night Club map that was shared as part of our most recent Steam update. We take IP concerns very seriously, and in a show of good faith, we have decided to remove the subject materials and any reference to them from Ready or Not and from any of our social media or other publications.

Ready or Not will return to the Steam store once we complete the changes. We have also removed the AI update video from our Youtube channel and from our Steam Store page, and anticipate that these will be restored after an editing process is completed.

The game is now once again available on Steam. By the way, the developers have just released one of the biggest updates yet, substantially improving the AI cover system and adding new weapons.

Ready or Not launched in early access last December. The original plan was to fully release it by the end of this year, though it is presently unclear whether this will be achieved.