RazerGo App Lets You Chat With Nearby Pokemon GO Players

Uzair Ghani

Razer is launching an app - RazerGo - for both iOS and Android that will let you chat with nearby Pokemon GO players. The app will also be immediately available on the Web later today.

RazerGo Is An App Niantic Should've Baked Into Pokemon GO Itself

The Pokemon GO rollercoaster is not going to stop anytime soon. Pretty much everyone is jumping onto the bandwagon at any given opportunity and the game is expanding like wildfire. Keeping that in mind, Razer, the company behind numerous gaming gear, will be launching an app called RazerGo which will allow users to talk with nearby Pokemon GO players. Essentially it is the perfect companion for Pokemon GO which Niantic should have made itself.

What's more interesting is the fact that you can set a range filter or 3, 6 or 600 miles for finding players nearby. The conversations you can have with those players can either be private or public. We strongly believe this will help boost the credentials of the game even further since it drastically adds a social element to proceedings. Furthermore, you can drop 'beacons' on a map so that other players can join in on the conversation as well.

Interestingly, RazerGo will be available on the Web later today whereas iOS and Android apps will launch later this month. We're certain the mobile experience will be more blissful compared to the Web, since Pokemon GO is meant to be played on the go.

Simply head over to this link on the Web to check out RazerGo. Keep in mind the Web app is not available online at the time of writing. If you see a 403 page then be sure to check back later today.

Wrap Up

We are pretty certain somewhere down the line Niantic will bake in a chat feature directly into Pokemon GO as well. Until that happens we have RazerGo to make use of.

If you haven't downloaded Pokemon GO already then be sure to check out our full review first before going ahead. Once you've made your mind and decided to install it onto your mobile device, then be sure to check out the following links:


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