Razer ‘Kazuyo’ Game Controller – Images Leaked

Rafia Shaikh

A few leaked images of Razer game controller have been shared. These images show a device which looks like an MFi (Made for iPhone) controller. Razer is a computer peripheral manufacturer and possibly working on an iOS game controller.

iOS Game Controller Razer Kazuyo leaked images:

The Razer Kazuyo game controller leaked images have been shared by @evleaks on Twitter - they have been sharing a lot of leaked news and images in the past from reliable sources.

This comes after previous influx of iOS game controllers from Logitech and MOGA. Razer Kazuyo game controller from the image appears to be encompassing the iPhone. It adds the face and shoulder button and a directional pad on both sides of the iOS device. This is the layout previously seen in Logitech's Powershell and MOGA's Ace Power game controllers for iOS devices. razer kazuyo leaked images razer kazuyo leaked images

The only difference between those two game controllers and Razer Kazuyo is the ability to tilt the iPhone for better viewing angles. It also eases the accessibility.

Razer Kazuyo game controller is also expected to be compatible with many iOS games after it becomes available. The date of release is unknown as yet, but images show that the game controller wont take too long to be launched.

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