RAVPower’s 36W Car Charger Will Fast Charge 2 USB Devices at Once for Just $7

RAVPower 36W car charger discounted to $7

RAVPower has a really nice little USB car charger on sale that can pump out 36W of power to charge two USB devices at once. The price? Just $7.

Fast Charge All Your Devices on the Go with RAVPower's 36W Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.0

Though we casually dismiss it on a daily basis, but the ability to charge the devices in our pockets while in the car is something which wasn't a common thing some time back. But choosing the right charger for the job these days can be a tricky thing. Sure, you can spend 5 bucks on a single USB port charger and call it a day, but good luck charging anything with it as most are limited to just 5W of power output.

What RAVPower has on sale today has multiple USB ports, and can pump out 36W of power in total, or 18W per port. Each of these ports are Quick Charge 3.0 compatible meaning you will experience rapid charging speeds if you have a compatible device connected. Even a device like the Galaxy S20 will play nicely with this charger. If you have an iPhone, then you can charge at 12W speeds from either port, which isn't bad. Still a huge step up from that 5W speed I just talked about. And oh, an iPad will charge up just fine with it, too.

Since this is a RAVPower product therefore you can expect some great things from it, especially when it comes to quality and how it will keep your devices safe. This means you will not only get a charger that is solidly made but also features the right safeguards in place that ensure the longevity of everything you ever connect to it for power, including dash cams.

If you are interested in making the purchase, just click on the link below and enter the special discount code in order to bring the price down to $7.

Buy USB Car Charger RAVPower 36W Qc 3.0 Car Quick Charger - Was $12, now just $7 using discount code IV5FH78O

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