Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass Contents Leak, Will Feature Fewer New Operators

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege recently wrapped up its fourth year of content with the release of Operation Shifting Tides, but, of course, the still-widely-played game will be continuing on. Year 5 should kick off in February or March and Redditor Ignotusartifex has dug up some information about what fans can expect. Here’s what will be included in Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 5 Pass.

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Some notable changes there, including the fact that we’ll only be getting six new Operators, rather than the usual eight. Additionally, it doesn’t look like the Year 5 Pass will include any credits (in the past 600 bonus credits were included). So yeah, at least on the face of it, it seems like the Y5 Pass won’t be quite as enticing as some of the ones we’ve got in previous years.

Ah, but maybe players needn’t be too worried. An Ubisoft community manager popped up in the Reddit thread and ensured fans that while Year 5 will include less Operators, we’ll be getting more free events, new gameplay features, and Operator and level reworks…

As our Game Director, Leroy Athanassoff stated, “We are investing our resources on building more features and systems that will impact every player in every match”. The Year 5 Pass reflects this direction focused on features that benefit all players, not just those playing the newest Operators. It will lead to additional content for all players, such as free events, extensive reworks, and other core gameplay features. More details on why we are releasing six Operators in Year 5, as well as how that leads into Year 6 and beyond will be shared during the Six Invitational.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. As mentioned, more Year 5 info will be revealed at the Six Invitational, which takes place from February 7 to February 16 in Montreal.

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