Rainbow Six: Quarantine Announced at E3 2019, That’s All We Know

Game announcements are great. E3 is great. Though, when a trailer comes along with barely any information, it can often leave us feeling a bit wanting - but not in the good 'I want to see more of this' kind of way, instead, it's the 'I wish I knew what I just watched' kind of way. Unfortunately, Rainbow Six: Quarantine falls into the latter camp.

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Quarantine will be the next big game in the Rainbow Six franchise, finally laying Rainbow Six: Siege to rest, after an incredibly respectable time spent with a dedicated audience and esports scene.

Though we don't know much about Rainbow Six: Quarantine quite yet. In a short trailer released by Ubisoft, we see devs discuss the game, though they don't leave us with much to come away with. In the trailer we see our protagonist on the floor, with thick veins on their arms, hinting at a deadly infection. That would explain the subtitle of the game, then.

For all of the information, we have right now, just watch the trailer embedded above. We wish we had more to share, but without even a vague release window, Ubisoft is making it clear this is a game very much in development.

Though, since we have Rainbow Six: Siege, we can already imagine that we'll see top-notch shooting action in Quarantine, and possibly a more detailed, cinematic story mode. Very exciting.

What do you think of Rainbow Six: Quarantine? Is it everything you wanted from a new Rainbow Six game or were you hoping for something different? Let us know in the comments below, and keep reading Wccftech for more from E3 2019.

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