Rainbow Six Siege Release Date is Official, Coming Out This October

The release date for Rainbow Six Siege has officially been announced via a new trailer released by Ubisoft today.

Rainbow Six Siege will be released October 13th 2015

Ubisoft revealed in their newest trailer that Rainbow Six Siege will be available on October 13th 2015 on the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC. Though with the seeming normality of delays, it remains to be seen if this is indeed the final release date. Ubisoft themselves have already had to delay one of their Tom Clancy based titles, The Division until 2016, so obviously anything can happen and nothing should be unexpected at this point.

Rainbow Six Siege is going a change in direction for the franchise, moving from a singleplayer or cooperative game style to a purely multiplayer experience. The destructible environments and in-depth mission planning mode are purported to provide a level of replayability that should keep players interested and coming back for more.

Siege isn’t just the title of the latest Rainbow Six; it’s the heart of the gameplay. The 5v5 asymmetrical close-quarters combat in indoor environments will require teamwork and loads of strategy – both of which have always been instrumental to the franchise.

- Anne Lewis

To say that Ubisoft is excited about this upcoming tactical shooter would be an understatement. They're extremely thrilled about reviving this the Rainbow Six series. Ubisoft's CEO, Yves Guillemot, even stated during a conference call with investors on the 12th that they have incredibly high hopes for it.

Over its lifetime, we believe Rainbow Six: Siege has the potential to become the highest-selling shooter in Ubisoft's history.

- Yves Guillemot

The change to a multiplayer only setting might put off some old-school Rainbow Six fans, though the dynamic theoretically could provide a tremendous amount of enjoyment based on the many different variables that can effect the game so subtly.

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