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Raiders of the Broken Planet Due in 2017 for “Unbelievable” Price, Will Run at 1080P@60 on PS4&XB1


During Gamescom 2016, I met with MercurySteam's Enric Alvarez (Head of Studio) and Dave Cox (Senior Producer) to check up their next game after the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trilogy.

That game is Raiders of the Broken Planet, an online asymmetric multiplayer adventure first announced four months ago. During our chat, they confirmed that Raiders of the Broken Planet won't be out this year, but a PC beta (which you can still sign up for) will start in September and beta tests for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One will follow

They also hinted at a price so low for an AAA production that gamers won't believe it. Raiders of the Broken Planet will use a Seasons model, and each Season will have four or five specific missions, characters and storylines. Their target frame rate and resolution for consoles is 1080P@60FPS and it will be locked; it seems like they might reach that goal, since the game ran very smoothly on a laptop. The developers also commented that the PC version won't be limited in graphics to match the console ones; with a powerful enough hardware, you'll be able to tune it all the way up.

We'll have a full hands-on report on the game and transcript of our whole interview shortly. In the meantime, here's a recap on the background story from our previous report.

In the Lira Constellation, light years from Earth lies a Broken Planet. Long ago, its inhabitants discovered a powerful ability enhancing substance called Aleph. Today, this Broken Planet is home to the entire Universe’s intergalactic scum and criminal lowlife. All are here to wrest control of the Aleph and thereby control the Universe.