Qunatic Dream to Reveal a Game At E3 2012?


It has been speculated that Quantic Dreams; the company which made the PS3 smash hit Heavy Rain are set out to reveal a new game at this years E3, while Heavy Rain 2 is definitely not in the cards rest assured that Quantic Dreams always delivers amazing video games and I am sure that their Project Kara Demonstration was only  the tip of the iceberg among other good things to come. Right now the news is kind of sketchy and is not official as of yet but it seems plausible, Why else would they show off Project Kara?

Okay so if Heavy Rain 2 is no longer in the cards since David Cage made it official shortly after the games release its only a good guess as to what Quantic Dreams can be working on behind closed doors. These are the same people who gave us Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy and Omikron: The Nomad Soul. While these guys may not have a whole list of AAA titles these guys still prefer to make quality over quantity which is a lacking quality in modern day developers who simply wish to pump out yearly releases to accommodate the "demand" of their fans. While the gap between Heavy Rain and 2012 has been anything but generous it seems that there is a good chance that David Cage; CEO of Quantic Dreams could take center stage at this years E3 and if he does he is surely appearing to reveal a new game.

David Cage admitted that Kara was made because the engine used by Heavy Rain was limited and they wanted to make a new Engine so that they could expand their creativity so I would say that its a safe bet to say that the boys behind Quantic Dreams are definitely hard at work at something and hopefully this will again be a PS3 exclusive and hopefully supersede Heavy Rain (even though the game itself was absolutely stunning in every way imaginable at the time of its release and is still among one of my favorite PS3 games of all time).

What do you think they could be working on? Anyone care to wager a guess?