Quantum Break Producer Defends Option To Skip Live-Action Show; Says Some Are “Impossible To Please”

Aernout van de Velde

Producer on Remedy’s Quantum Break, Lennie Hakola, has taken to Twitter to ‘defend’ the game’s skippable live-action show.

Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment’s time-bending action game, Quantum Break, is releasing next month for both Xbox One and PC. Included in the game is a live-action TV show that focusses on the villains in the game. According Remedy, “the game is about the heroes and the show is about the villains". This TV show isn’t merely for viewing purposes, as the show itself informs players how to play the game. Furthermore, the way the player plays the game, impacts the show.

Quantum Break consists of 5 acts, connected through 4 optional tv-episodes

As reported some months back, Quantum Break will consist of 5 acts, connected through 4 subbed and dubbed action TV-episodes, that are unlocked after each game act. The duration of each game act depends on gameplay style, and the choices the player makes.

Remedy has already confirmed that the game’s TV-episodes will be optional, and can be skipped if the player chooses so. The decision to make the game’s live-action show skippable, seems to have upset some players as they would have wanted the show to be mandatory.

Players will have the option to skip the game's live-action show

Producer on Quantum Break, Lennie Hakola, took to Twitter to defend the option to skip the game’s live-action episodes.

Hakola adds that while the show is skippable, he wouldn’t do so. According the producer, the option is there for those who don’t want to “flesh” out the game’s story.

Having an option seems to be the right approach, but some are just “impossible to please”, according Hakola.

Last month, Remedy and Microsoft announced that Quantum Break will be released on both PC and Xbox One. Prior to the announcement, the game was always presented as an Xbox One exclusive. Quantum Break for PC will be the first DX12-only title. The PC system requirements for Quantum Break can be found here.

Do you feel that the game’s live-action show should have been mandatory? Leave a comment.

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