Quantum Break PC/X1 New Title Update Is Now In Certification, Might Release By The End Of The Week


Quantum Break, the new action game developed by Remedy Entertainment, has been released earlier this month on PC and Xbox One, but the PC version has been suffering from a variety of issues that are making it difficult for some to enjoy the game fully. Other minor issues are also present in both versions of the game, but it seems like things may improve before the end of the week.

Quantum Break

Earlier today, Remedy's Head of PR Thomas Puha has confirmed that the next Quantum Break title update for both the PC and Xbox One versions of the game is currently in certification. Mr. Puha further elaborated on the title update, stating that's it's been in testing since last week, and that they hope to have it out by the end of the week. Patch notes have yet to be revealed, but we should hear more about the matter soon enough, since Mr. Puha said he already has them, but cannot share them as something might be changed depending on how the certification process goes.

Three weeks ago, Thomas Puha updated fans of Quantum Break regarding the issues plaguing the Windows 10 release of the game. Mr. Puha assured players that a lot of work has gone into the Windows 10 release, and that the team was looking at potential issues. The fact that the game's next title update is very close to release means that the team managed to fix some of the issues plaguing currently plaguing this version of the game.

As already mentioned, full patch notes for the next Quantum Break title update have yet to be confirmed, but it's been confirmed earlier this month that the blinking lights bug will be fixed in the next title update.

Quantum Break is now available on PC and Xbox One in all regions. We will keep you updated on the upcoming title update as soon as more is said on the matter, so stay tuned for all the latest news.