New Quantum Break Gameplay Footage Revealed

Quantum Break is a game that is under a lot of eyes for Xbox One owners, it is a masterpiece in the making coming from the legendary studio that brought us Alan Wake and Max Payne. Quantum Break was revealed in E3 2013 and it really blew away the audience when it first came out with the "Vision" trailer, not to mention the facial motion capture technology can surpass the record set by L.A Noire which can be quite an achievement.

Quantum BreakThe new video has Sam Lake addressing us and telling us about the amazing features of the game such as the TV Show like gameplay (the same way Alan Wake played out) as well as has shed some light on the story of the game which tells us about the story of Jack Joyce, the protagonist of Quantum Break is fighting against a company called Monarch that is potentially going to bring an end to "time" (no, not the magazine.) Have I piqued your curiosity? Read on.

Jack Joyce is an interesting protagonist who bears the powers to manipulate time to his liking and use it to his advantage to get himself out of sticky situations as you will see in the trailer, freeze time amidst fierce firefights and just admire the beauty of destruction with time at a stand still which is something that very few games if none at all are currently offering.

New Quantum Break Gameplay Footage Revealed, Don't Blink.

The actual gameplay starts at 1:20 but if you want to catch up to the story of the game then I recommend you watch the video from the start. If you thought the videos are the only new addition then you will be glad to know there are a few more new screenshots too, courtesy of the people over at NeoGaf.



As you can see, Jack uses his powers to escape some precarious situations such as a truck hurtling towards him and the action towards the end of him traveling through the frozen fire fight is truly magnificent.

Currently Sam Lake has confirmed that the game will come to 2015 which is also the same year for Sony's very own "The Order: 1886" He has also revealed that the game will be fully revealed at GamesCom later this year and will have a full blown coverage of game play given to it, possibly extensions of the seen footage without so many gaps in between.

This definitely looks like a promising title and shows a lot of promise and potential, but since Remedy's track record speaks for itself and have proven themselves time and time again to be masters of superb story telling, I have full faith in their capability of delivering a rich experience.

Alan Wakes story telling was absolutely amazing for the game, The game did a splendid job of reminding me where I left off by showing me the "Previously on Alan Wake" recap. Quantum Break will do the same thing except there will be branching story lines to accommodate Jacks choices throughout the game suggesting that for the first time in a long time could a Remedy game be bringing alternate endings. (The last time I saw an alternate ending in a Remedy game was Max Payne 2 on beating the game on a New York Minute Difficulty)

What are your thoughts on Quantum Break? I definitely find it to be well worth the attention.

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