Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 Goes Official; New Chipset Is a Slightly Overclocked Snapdragon 855

Omar Sohail
Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 Goes Official; New Chipset Is a Slightly Overclocked Snapdragon 855

Just like what Qualcomm did when it announced the Snapdragon 870, the chipset maker has officially announced the Snapdragon 860. Once you will read about the new SoC’s specifications, you will realize that it is an overclocked variant of the Snapdragon 855, but with a different name.

Snapdragon 860 Is Manufactured on the Same 7nm Process as the Snapdragon 855, Snapdragon 865, and Snapdragon 870

To bring you up to speed, the Snapdragon 855 was Qualcomm’s flagship chipset that was found in high-end Android smartphones for the first half of 2019. The chipset maker later introduced the Snapdragon 855 Plus in the same year. With the Snapdragon 860, Qualcomm has upped the clock speeds, with the Kryo 485 cores running as high as 2.96GHz, while the Snapdragon 855’s cores operated at 2.84GHz.

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In fact, according to XDA Developers, the Snapdragon 860’s Kryo 485 cores run at the same frequency as the Snapdragon 855 Plus’, with the chipset sporting the same Adreno 640 GPU. To save manufacturing costs, Qualcomm made the latest SoC on the 7nm process instead of using Samsung’s 5nm technology that fabricated the Snapdragon 888. However, if you think that there would not be any value in picking up any smartphone with a Snapdragon 860, this latest bit might change your mind.

Qualcomm’s latest offering supports up to 16GB RAM, coupled with new camera features that will increase the value proposition of less expensive smartphones. Everything else pretty much remains consistent, as does the lack of 5G support. That is correct; Qualcomm has not integrated a 5G support to the Snapdragon 860, meaning that if you want to experience next-generation wireless connectivity, you will have to upgrade to the pricier Android smartphones or an iPhone equivalent.

Do you think Qualcomm’s practice of launching chipsets like the Snapdragon 860 should be encouraged? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: XDA Developers

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