QuakeCon 2011 Sales Hit Steam, Rage and Elders Scroll V: Skyrim Available for Pre-Order

Hassan Mujtaba

Steam has started giving huge discounts on major id and Bethesda titles marking the QuakeCon 2011 event. The QuakeCon event is held every year in Dallas, Texas where id game developers unveil their latest games to public.

Steam is giving away whole Doom + Quake Bundle package for a amazing price of only 29.99$ (Deal Here). Not only this but other major titles which include Brink, Fallout 3, Fallot New Vegas + DLC's, Elder Scroll Series are also on sale. All Doom and Quake titles can also be purchased separately at discounted prices until the deals are available. Do check out the deals here.

Not only this, Steam has also added two new titles on its store page. Id's upcoming FPS Rage and Bethesda's upcoming RPG Elders Scroll V: Skyrim are now available for Pre-Order. Both games cost 59.99$ each. Do check them out in the given links below:





A great deal for Id/Bethesda fans like myself is also available, The complete QuakeCon 2011 which includes almost every game except the newer titles is available at a mind blowing cost of 69.99$. Deal here.

Last of all, Buying Quake 4 unlocks a new Rocket Launcher for Team Fortress 2, Also new items have been updated in Team Fortress 2 which include Skyrim’s horned helmet and the Engineer will get both Fallout’s arm-mounted Pip-Boy and the three-pronged boomerang-like Wingstick from Rage.

Awesome stuff by Valve, Rage is currently scheduled for Fall 2011 release while Elders Scroll V: Skyrim would be available on 11-11-11. Both these games are worth to pre-order right now. The deals would finish on 7th August 2011. Head over to Steam now to buy these epic titles from epic developers.



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