Quake Champions To Get Large Scale Tech Test from May 12 to May 21


We've provided you with a large Quake Champions beta giveaway for the last weekend test, but in case you missed that chance, Bethesda just announced that it will host a Large Scale Tech Test from May 12 to May 21. This test will be open to everyone, you'll just need to sign-up on the official website to download the game. Moreover, during the Tech Test, the servers will stay online 24/7 unlike during the weekend tests.

A new game mode will also debut in the Large Scale Tech Test. Called Sacrifice, it's a 4v4 Team Based competitive mode where teams will have to work together to dominate the match.

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Last but not least, the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will drop for everyone on May 12 so that you may discuss, stream and capture footage of Quake Champions publicly.

Quake Champions is the first main entry in the franchise since 2005's Quake 4. Developed by id Software with additional work by Saber Interactive, it will be out on PC soon given the growing rate of these tests.

Christian tried the game for a couple weekends in a row and published his hands-on preview a few days ago, suggesting that the king of arena shooters is back.

I was impressed by how well Quake Champions ran on my computer and how nice it looked despite the game being in its Closed Beta stage. The developers have mentioned that this game is designed for high refresh rates monitors, so I’d like to see how the engine copes on a cheaper setup. I can’t complain about the performance on my computer, though I do have an i7 6700K and GTX 1080, so if the game didn’t run well I’d have far more concerns than I do now.

With this latest title, I can safely say Quake has finally returned. Quake Champions is shaping up to be a very different experience than what younger gamers are used to. The fast pace of this game is something that a lot of players will need to adjust to, but it’s so much fun that you won’t mind dying constantly in order to learn the mechanics. Whether you are a returning Quake veteran or a total newcomer to the series, there’s no reason not to give Quake Champions a try when it launches later this year.