PUBG PC New Hotfix Brings Fixes For Several Issues

Francesco De Meo

A new hotfix has gone live for the PC version of PUBG, introducing fixes for issues that have been plaguing the game since the release of the big 4.1 update.

The hotfix brings fixes for certain visual glitches as well as gameplay ones, such as issues preventing players from completing missions properly and more.

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You can find the full notes for the latest PUBG hotfix below.

  • Fixed an issue where players could not ledge grab/vault certain slanted object/terrain on Erangel

  • Fixed an issue where mode/region change message would not show to players if not matched into a game within 3 minutes

  • Fixed an issue where map images and content did not appear in replays of matches on the visually updated Erangel

  • Fixed an issue when riding on a motorbike with sidecar, character’s head would be invisible in the death cam/replay

  • Fixed an issue where wall collision was missing in certain locations in Hacienda del Patron on Miramar

  • Fixed an issue where a level 3 backpack skin was displayed when equipping a certain level 2 backpack skin

  • Fixed an issue of no shell auto-ejection when swapping to the S1987 after firing a weapon

  • Fixed a graphical issue within certain buildings of Vikendi

  • Fixed an issue where collision was missing in certain building walls of Paradise Resort on Sanhok

  • Fixed an issue where a player’s health would not refresh when low in observer mode.

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Play Duos with a Friend’ mission would not complete in FPP mode.

  • Fixed an issue which prevented the character’s head from appearing when moving to the Survivor Pass screen immediately after accessing the lobby

  • Fixed an issue in a duo/squad where would the team would display as unready after viewing the Survivor Pass, even if readied up

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Pass page > Level Progress Bar UI’ was not displayed normally in some languages

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Use Energy Drink’ mission could be completed by using a Painkiller

  • Fixed an issue where the howling wind sounds from Vikendi could sometimes be heard on the visually updated Erangel

  • Fixed an issue which caused certain low LOD models to display momentarily after scoping in/out.

PUBG is now available in all regions on PC as well as on PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android.

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