PUBG Players Who Don’t Pay for an Event Pass Will Spend 200+ Hours to Reach Level 20


Last week, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds announced they were launching a Fortnite-style Event Pass progression system, and, unsurprisingly, the fanbase did not react well. Of course, gamers will react angrily to pretty much any change in a game’s monetization, so is the Event Pass really so bad? You don’t have to pay $10 if you don’t want, as there’s a version of the pass that lets you unlock a handful of stuff for free. Heck, PUBG Corp. even added a few more items to the free pass following fan outcry!

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Unfortunately, unless playing PUBG is literally your life, chances are you won’t be able to unlock all the free Event Pass items. Redditor iisfitblud crunched the numbers, and found that non-paying customers aiming to hit the Sanhok Event Pass’ level 20 cap in the 29 days allotted, would have to play around 6 to 8 hours every day for the entire season. And that’s if you’re a pretty good player who can score regular top 10s and wins. Yeesh.

PUBG Corp. commutation lead Ryan Rigney responded to the post, saying changes are coming…

“Our lead gameplay designer says he wants to make some changes next week to give players a little more wiggle room (to make it slightly easier to get to level 20). Updates will come next week. In the meantime, just do those missions!”

For now, here’s about how long it will take you to earn the free Event Pass rewards, assuming you play 6 to 8 hours per day:

  • Level 3 - Violent Violet Jacket (30 day rent) - 5 days
  • Level 5 - Earloop mask - 8 days
  • Level 6 - Turquioise Delight Kar98K (20 day rent) - 9 days
  • Level 8 - Tracksuit top (20 day rent) - 12 days
  • Level 10 - Gold Plate S686 (30 day rent) - 15 days
  • Level 12 - Tracksuit Pants (20 day rent) - 18 days
  • Level 14 - Pleated Mini-Skirt (15 day rent) - 20 days
  • Level 16 - Name Change - 23 days
  • Level 18 - Hotpants (20 day rent) - 25 days
  • Level 19 - Worker Jacket - 28 days
  • Level 20 - Snowflower Parachute - 29 days

Of course, some will argue you shouldn’t complain about items you can, technically, earn for free, but it’s a bit dishonest to advertise it as an option when most players won’t have the time or skill to get even a fraction of the stuff. If the $10 Event Pass is the only real option, just say so.

PUBG’s Sanhok map and the Sanhok Event Pass launched this past Friday (June 22) on PC. PUBG is also available on Xbox One and mobile platforms, but those versions are on different update schedules.