New PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Screenshot Revealed – Beta Version Gets Further Delayed

Deep Down is one of the most appealing upcoming next-gen role-playing video game title that is being currently developed by a Japanese developer, known as Capcom, exclusively for Sony's latest PlayStation 4 console. The game was announced early last year, but the developer has not yet shared much details and in-game media content for it, other than just a few screenshots that the developer reveals time to time on Twitter. This time again, apologizing for further delaying the beta version of the game, Capcom has released a brand new Deep Down screenshot.

Deep down

Deep Down Beta Further Delayed Once Again; Brand New Screenshot Released as an Apology

Capcom has kept things pretty tight with its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title called Deep Down. Since the reveal of the game, we have been treated with fairly less amount of details and in-game content, however, the developer doesn't forget to throw out one new screenshot every time they so gloomily announce that the beta version of Deep Down has been delayed. Yes, its been delayed again, for about the fourth time now.

Deep Down producer Kazunori Sugiura updated on the situation of beta for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title on twitter, and once again putting up an apology, he announced that the beta for the game has been delayed once more. Sugiura mentioned that next update on the beta will come this month, and that this is the most possibly the final delay. He also said that the development work on the game is going pretty fine.

As an apology, Sugiura posted a brand new Deep Down screenshot showcasing one of the dungeon's traps included in the game. You can view this screenshot below.

Deep Down

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