PS4 Black Friday Bundle Offer Online

Rafia Shaikh

PS4 is one of the few hottest selling items during the holiday season. Like Apple's iPod, the gaming console is chased after crazily to get as the best gift for teens. However, unlike iPods gaming consoles don't see many good discounts especially considering the recent launch. PS4 Black Friday deals are both very scarce and readily wiped out once the stores start the Black Friday shopping.

PS4 Black Friday deals:

ps4 black friday

GameStop is now selling PlayStation 4 Black Friday Bundle offer online. This offer is applicable while supplies last.

GameShop's PS4 Black Friday bundle includes two games and two controllers. GameStop is also offering the PS4 Black Friday deal at its retail stores. However, retail store option is one very tough call as the long lines would be simply unbearable. 

GameStop PS4 Black Friday bundle will cost you $605.95. The bundle includes two DualShock 4 controllers: Killozon: Shadow Fall and Knack; bundle includes 1-year PlayStation Plus membership. GameStop won't sell the base PS4 console, it neither would let you choose alternate games. More? You will be paying full price for each of the bundled item. GameStop promises to ship you the PS4 Black Friday bundle in 24 hours.

Base PS4 console costs $399.99 but since it's not any thing to get, you might consider GameStop's PS4 Black Friday bundle even if you don't want the included games simply to get the console this holiday season.

But it might be a good chance to get it since PS4 is hard to be found among the very high demand and retailers have struggled to keep their supplies of PS4. Apart from GameStop, Walmart, Amazon and other major retailers have also advertised selling PS4 Black Friday offers. But we can't be sure if these store have these offers now. Amazon is already sold out of its PS4 Black Friday deal.

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