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Rumor – PS4.5 GPU 2X As Powerful & CPU Discussed; GOW4 & Deep Down Among Launch Titles


If some new PS4.5 rumors are to be believed, Sony’s PlayStation 4.5 (or PS4K as some are calling it) will have a GPU that is twice as powerful as the current PS4 GPU. Additionally, a new CPU is allegedly being discussed.


The rumors come from Neogaf user OsirisBlack, who states that the additional info comes from a meeting he attended. His post on the GAF forums was verified by Neogaf’s head moderator Bish before being approved. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the rumor is legit, but it does mean that OsirisBlack is considered as someone who could actually have access to the information provided.

CPU, Price & Release date

OsirisBlack states that the price of Sony’s ‘upgraded’ console is currently $399.99. This is in line with our earlier post regarding the price and release date of the PS4.5. According to OsirisBlack though, a better CPU for the console is being discussed, which might have an impact on the console’s price. However, the price of the console will be no higher than $499.99. Interestingly, Sony would have no plans for any type of trade-in program for current PS4 owners. This might change in the future, however. 

In terms of release date, he later added in a different post that a tentative "late Q1 2017" window was provided.


During the meeting, it was stated that the GPU for the PS4.5 will be twice as powerful as the current PS4 GPU. The new GPU is said to be much faster, but a precise speed number wasn’t shared. They did confirm a higher clock speed, while being much smaller than the original PS4 GPU.

Blu-ray & 4K

The PS4.5 is said to have a 4K Blu-ray player, and will upscale games that are not natively running at 4K resolution.

Game performance & dev kits

As reported earlier, games developed specifically for the PS4.5 will work on the ‘original’ PS4, but with “considerable sacrifices made to performance”. At the moment of writing, some developers already have their hands on development kits for the ‘new’ console. Games in development will make direct use of the increased horsepower.

Current PS4 titles will be playable on the PS4.5, but won’t benefit from the higher specs. “Any benefits to older games would come via patch per game and per developer”, according to OsirisBlack. These patches are a possibility, but doubtful with the exception of a handful of games.

PS4.5 & PSVR Launch titles

OsirisBlack writes that he was given a list of titles that will be available at launch that will directly take advantage of the PS4K with “significant” differences.

Deep Down
God of War 4
Eve Valkyrie
GT Sport

The ‘list’ was not limited to the games above, but these titles stood out for the leaker.

What do you think of these ‘leaked’ details? Do you think they are legit, and what is your general take on these ‘upgraded’ consoles? Hit the comments below.