Rumor: Playstation 4.5 Release Date & Price Pinned Down

A recent rumor suggests that Sony's Playstation 4.5 (PS4.5)  will be releasing this Holiday season for
$ 400.00.


The rumor comes from a video uploaded by Roster Teeth's multimedia channel - The Know. According to a newly published video, their sources confirm that the Playstation 4.5 will be releasing during this year's Holiday season for $400.

Another interesting tidbit is that the source states that developers are already developing games for Sony's upgraded PS4 system. The extra horsepower that comes with the PS4.5, is said to allow for a noticeable performance increase. Games developed specifically for the Playstation 4.5 will still work on the original PS4, but with a difference in performance.

As usual with these kinds of rumors, take the above mentioned info with a grain (or bag?) of salt.  As reported earlier this week by website Eurogamer, Sony's R&D labs allegedly already have prototype devices. According to Eurogamer, sources confirm that the PS4.5 is really happening.

Everything we've heard positions PlayStation 4K as a machine capable of playing current and next-generation ultra HD media, while also offering support for other aspects of the 4K spec, such as high-dynamic range and a wider colour gamut - aspects of the 4K spec that could be introduced to gaming. However, in terms of additional computational power, we've got be realistic about what Sony can deliver with a mid-generation refresh.

We can say that with some degree of certainty because PlayStation 4K will almost certainly use an evolved version of the APU technology used in the current console. Once again we will see semi-custom versions of AMD's CPU and GPU technology integrated into a single, console-friendly processor, and thanks to the firm's openness with its technology roadmaps, we have a good idea of the base building blocks Sony has access to in building its next PlayStation.

We also know about the fabrication technologies available. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One arrived when 28nm microprocessors were firmly established, and right now the industry is moving on to 14nm and 16nm chips using 3D 'FinFET' transistors. Shrinking transistors and innovative new architecture are what make generational leaps in computational power possible.

How do you feel about a Holiday 2016 release? Did you buy a 'normal' PS4 recently? Let us know.

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