PS Plus Essential November Games Leak, Include Nioh 2 and Lego Harry Potter [Confirmed]

Nathan Birch
Nioh 2

Update: The leakers have come through yet again! Nioh 2, Lego Harry Potter Collection, and Heavenly Bodies are confirmed to be this month's PS Plus Essential titles.

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While Sony has expanded their PlayStation Plus service, those signed up to the basic “Essential” tier still get a handful of free games each month, and as is often the case, these games have leaked early. This information comes from Dealabs and insider Billbil-kun, who have been right on the money multiple times in the past. So, unless this is Dealabs first miss, it seems Ps Plus subscribers can look forward to Nioh 2, Lego Harry Potter Collection, and more in November.

Here’s a bit more information about the PS Plus Essential games likely coming in November…

Nioh 2 (PS4 and PS5)

Unleash your demon.  Master the way of the samurai in this brutal macho-core RPG...because death draws nigh. Discover the Japan of the year 1555, a country ravaged by an endless war, where monsters and evil spirits haunt lands of sumptuous landscapes where the shadow of a threat hovers. Hunt down your enemies as a rebel mercenary with the supernatural powers of the mythical yokai. Will you survive the terrible Sengoku era, as well as the terrifying new Kingdom of Darkness?

Lego Harry Potter Collection (PS4)

Lego Harry Potter Collection features both hit video games Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 remastered for the first time on the PlayStation 4 system and on a single disc! This compilation brings together the creative prowess of Lego and the expansive world of Harry Potter in an exciting journey for players of all ages. Have fun casting spells, making potions, solving puzzles, participating in magic lessons or duels, and much more.

Heavenly Bodies (PS4 and PS5)

Discover all the nuances of moving in zero gravity in this physics-intensive game. Control your cosmonaut's arms using the right and left joysticks to push, pull and hoist yourself through simulated physics scenarios aboard a scientific research station. You have been given the task of carrying out the greatest engineering project in the history of mankind. With the control center as your only aid, you will have to use your deductive mind and the dexterity of your limbs to assemble telescopes, maintain fragile solar panels and research cosmic botany. However, without gravity, nothing is fixed, nothing is sure and nothing is simple.

Sony now offers three tiers of PS Plus – Essential for $10 a month, Extra for $15 a month, and Premium for $18 a month. You can explore the games available via each tier and sign up here.

See anything you’d be interesting in tackling in November? Having never played it before, I might subject myself to some Nioh 2 punishment.

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