Project Resistance Could Be A New Resident Evil Outbreak-Like Co-Op Multiplayer Game


Project Resistance was just announced by CAPCOM to be the next Resident Evil game, due for official unveiling on September 10th at the Tokyo Game Show (where it'll also be playable, suggesting a sufficiently advanced state of development).

The YouTube live stream link provides additional information, however. Using a Thumbnail Grabber like BoingBoing's we can see the very first, albeit admittedly very small, screenshots of Project Resistance.

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First of all, it does not look like there will be any usual Resident Evil characters. In fact, these all seem young civilians. The single most important tidbit, though, is in the last thumbnail that clearly shows four characters in what would appear to be confirmation of co-op multiplayer.

Should that be the case, Project Resistance could be a new Resident Evil Outbreak game. For those not well versed in the spin-off series, it was the first title in the franchise to support cooperative multiplayer when it launched in 2004. It was perhaps ahead of its time, however, since it released for the PlayStation 2 console which notoriously didn't have great online capabilities.

In this day and age, a proper Resident Evil Outbreak using the new Resident Evil Engine could definitely be a hit. We should know a lot more in less than two weeks' time, anyway.