Project CARS: Final Preview Build Gameplay Revealed for Xbox One


Well its not all buggy according to the latest news covered by Wccftech. The PS4 version of Project CARS already has a patch awaiting for the games release on the console version and apparently as you will see later, an Xbox One version of a patch is also claimed in the video below.

Project CARS on the PS4 has had reported issues on motion blur bug in the PS4 version of the game. In in such a testing time just before the release of the game, the threads on NeoGaf have been a bridge for the developers to interact with the fans and the gamers and understand the problems so that they can be made better sooner than later.

It’s entirely possible that this is a genuine bug though – so was the capture from a video or from a shop running the game? If it’s from a shop it’s worth checking if the game has the D1P patch applied since it may already have been fixed.

You can read the previously covered article regarding the bugs reported for Project CARS on our website, here.

The 16-Minute Gameplay Video is Quite Interesting in Several Aspects

Thanks to team VVV we have an Xbox One gameplay for Project CARS. The new gameplay trailer displays the different in-game action cams featuring in Project CARS. When in game, the weather is quite dynamic and can change at any moment with steady change in condition leading to the final result weather, adding to the features of the game.

The Xbox One version differs somewhat from the PS4 version in terms of the sensitivity of the steering which is something that'll be fixed in the patches following the release of the game. The voice behind the video, the commentator, mentioned that the same cars were used in the PS4 version of the game for a better comparison. You can check ou the 16 minute gameplay video of Project CARS below to judge for yourself.

The game does look quite good but the console versions of the game have not utilised the graphic capabilities of Project CARS to its fullest. For reference, you can check out the stands and the audience to see what I mean here. But nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how detailed the PC version of the game will be.

Project CARS was initially announced for a much earlier release but was delayed to the 7th, 8th and 12th of may for different regions. The graphics looks quite fresh and the game is nothing less than amazing so keep your credit cards ready if you haven't already pre-ordered the game. Do share your views with us in the comments section.