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Project CARS Might Have Bugs As it Hits The Shelves


The anticipation for Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios upcoming racing game is skyrocketing at the moment and the debate is quite heated up. The NeoGaf forums show that the developers take their game very seriously and hence a day 1 PS4 patch for the game might be released. And if you follow these links you'll understand why the patch is being developed. Check these out here 12 and 3. These are sourced from the players who have had early copies of the game and is something that is causing annoyance while playing the game.

Basically, the motion-blur is the faulty bit which is being reported more commonly than any other in-game problem. The developers are aware of these in-game issues apparently and might have solved them before the game went gold or we might have a patch to solve this as soon as the game hits the shelves. The developers are still unsure about this one and hence the explanation:

It’s entirely possible that this is a genuine bug though – so was the capture from a video or from a shop running the game? If it’s from a shop it’s worth checking if the game has the D1P patch applied since it may already have been fixed.

Project CARS Developers Are Taking This Quite Seriously

The Slightly Mad team has been very much active on the NeoGaf forum and has been listening and answering the players queries quite intently in order to better the game. The team has been quite open about any bug reported to them and has acknowledged that these might be something that they have missed. Their commitment to Project CARS is shown by the comment below.

Because about what I've said about the hundreds of people that have looked at our game in the QA process etc etc before it was viewed by the public, there is a small possibility here that people might have spotted a genuine bug, so despite it being a minor thing in the scheme of things, I want to get to the bottom of it. Call me OCD but a few hours of feedback conversion to perfect a possible visible error to a few percent of people who pay for our game is f*cking important.

The Project CARS team also hosted the possibility of a day 1 patch for the game revealing that the information provided might be true and will help them make the game better for the players. The developers clearly made their intentions clear of giving the customers a complete and comprehensive product from day 1 rather than a game that is shrouded by bugs which are fixed on a day 15 patch.

Ha! This is actually down time for me – the game going gold was super cool and the D1P being certified earlier in the week on the first submission was great for the team. In the scheme of things we did our best and made it to the finish line. I don't see bugs like the one under discussion as a big issue because with several million video views it’s only mentioned by a few people or in direct comparisons. But the info here is genuinely useful and will be actioned internally – and that’s how WMD always has worked – people providing videos/comparisons and set-up conditions to allow the render or game team to fix stuff.

The Project CARS dev team is really setting the standards here and it is good to see the developers communicate with the community they hope to serve. In a time when even dealing with a customer has a separate code of conduct for companies, the developers exchanging their thoughts with the players is a goodwill gesture that doesn't normally occur but everyone wants to see it happen. The least it does is create a pleasant change away from all that gaming hatred.

On that note, we salute the Project CARS developers and urge you to share your opinions with us in the comments section.

Article Source - NeoGaf and TheGamesCabin