[U: Last Chance to Avail Prime Day 2021 Discounts]: Save up to 40% on Roborock’s Award-Winning S Series Robovacs


Update: Prime day may be over, but the discounts are still live for today, except for the S7 deal. Jump over to see what deals are currently live.

Roborock has remained an Editor-favorite here at Wccftech for several years now. Before the company took over every CES event and started getting recognition and awards, our readers were already big fans of this then-newcomer robovac maker. The company truly transformed the industry by making smart robot vacuum cleaners more accessible.

Bringing the top of the line specs and fitting them in less than half the price tag of its competitors, Roborock not only successfully carved its own place in the industry but also made way for other budget robovac makers to enter this industry. The company continues to lead the industry by always introducing new features and better specs without compromising on the product's build quality.

While an average budget smart vacuum cleaner may last you for a year or two, it takes a lot longer for Roborock products to give up on you. Our original Roborock S5 is still going strong after 4 years of usage!

It is no surprise then that the company's products sell like hotcakes when the discounts go up. Thanks to Prime Day 2021, you can now get your hands on some of the best robovacs this industry has seen so far on massive discounts.

Roborock's Prime Day 2021 deals go live!

The company is offering discounts on products in almost all of its categories. Everything is getting discounted for Prime Day, from the budget sweep-n-mops to vacuum cleaners to its most latest high-end products!

  1. [U: $110 off right now] Save $120 on E4 Mop - Now selling for $229.99, originally: $349.99 [best budget option with both vacuum and mopping function]
  2. [U: working] 28% Off on Roborock S4 Max - Now selling for $309.99, originally: $429.99 [Best vacuum-only option]
  3. [U: working] Mega Deal! Save $240 on S6 Pure - Now selling for $359.99, originally: $599.99 [biggest offer yet with a 40% discount]
  4. [U: working] Save $170 on Roborock S5 Max - Now selling for $379.99, originally: $549.99 [most-selling Roborock ever]
  5. [U: working] 27% Off S6 MaxV - Now selling for $549.99, originally: $749.99 [saves you $200 - lowest price alert!]
  6. Roborock S7 - Now selling for $609.99, originally: $649.99 [small discount on this newly launched model]

Confused about what to snag on these Prime Day 2021 offers (valid until tomorrow, June 22)? Here is a quick guide to see what could fit your needs:

  • E4 Mop: Need a robovac but don't want to spend too much? This is the right product for you, which brings both sweep and mop functions like the high-end models.
  • S4 Max: Vacuum-only option from the industry-leading S series.
  • S6 Pure and S5 Max: Both of these are perfect choices for a solid sweep-n-mop and the most recommended ones. Both of these have won several awards and continue to receive amazing user reviews. We usually recommend whichever one is cheaper at the time, and right now, S6 Pure is winning that deal! However, S5 Max does remain the most-selling robovac for over 2 years now thanks to its bigger water tank! Compare the specs in our buyer's guide (linked below) to decide which one better fits your home cleaning needs.
  • S6 MaxV: This is for those who always want the most and the best. This is one of the latest models and the first one to introduce obstacle recognition and avoidance. Best for homes with kids and pets; currently at its lowest price we have seen so far.
  • S7:  Just released, S7 is for those of us who can be specs-junkies. Introducing high-speed sonic mopping, S7 also has a frigging automatic mop lifting! Very small discount of just $40, but then this is a fresh-off-the-press product!

For a more detailed comparison, check out this buyer's guide: Roborock S7 vs. S6 MaxV vs. S6 Pure vs. S5 Max vs. E4 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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