Arkane’s Prey Gets ‘Only Yu Can Save the World’ Trailer


Arkane's Prey game is now only a few weeks away and Bethesda just released a new trailer deftly titled 'Only Yu Can Save the World'.

It's obviously a pun on the protagonist's name, Morgan Yu, who can be either female or male - you'll choose the gender as well as define who Morgan Yu is through actions that have significant consequences. For instance, players will be able to save other survivors or kill them; to unlock alien-based powers and possibly alter the protagonist's humanity or not.

Prey, Jotun and Redout Are Free on the Epic Games Store

Lead Systems Designer Seth Shain said:

What Morgan does to respond to the aliens invading the station matters. All of these things contribute to different permutations of end games that we have, so it matters that way. But it also matters how the other characters respond to you and how they treat you. And it’s exactly what will define Morgan in the end.

Arkane's Prey is due for release worldwide on May 5th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Pre-ordering the game grants exclusive access to the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack, which includes the Margrave shotgun (a Yu family heirloom), along with three Neuromods (used to acquire new abilities), two medkits, a unique upgrade, and several other goodies that’ll help you save the world from the Typhon aliens.

Are you excited about Prey yet? You should be. Here's how Christian's recent hands-on preview at a press event ended:

I know it’s probably too soon to start comparing Prey to huge titles like Half Life 2 and BioShock, but I honestly do believe Prey has the potential to become one of the best First Person Shooters of all time. Forum posters still have a reason to be upset about Bethesda scrapping Human Head’s version of Prey 2, however this game is truly something else. Some people may be upset that this version of Prey isn’t what they originally wanted, but they’ll be over the moon when they finally get their hands on Arkane’s take on Prey.