PowerToys v0.49 Ships Today – New “Find My Mouse” Utility & Several Other Improvements


Microsoft has released PowerToys v0.49 with new updates and fixes. "The v0.49 release cycle introduces exciting new updates primarily centered around modernizing PowerRename's UI, adding a brand new mouse utility, and merging Video Conference Mute into the stable releases," the team writes.

Here are the release notes for PowerToys 0.49


  • Find My Mouse utility added! Utilize the functionality to quickly locate the cursor on your displays! Learn more on our Mouse Utility docs.
  • Accessibility and minor UI improvements to the settings page.
  • Added deep links to the Settings menus for various utilities within their respective editors.
  • Settings improvements to improve clarity for various options.
  • Improved settings window to adjust size and position as needed when multi-monitor conditions change.

PowerToys Awake

  • Screen reader improvements for accessibility.

Color Picker

  • Color Picker's HEX format was changed to remove the # character.
  • Accessibility improvements for screen reader and UI to distinguish colors from the border when matching.


  • Fixed Color Picker and OOBE windows from being snapped by FancyZones.
  • Fixed regression with layouts not being changed via shortcuts.
  • Fixed crashing issue with FancyZones editor.
  • Fixed zone layouts resetting after screen locking.
  • Accessibility improvements for screen reader in editor.

Keyboard Manager

  • Fixed crashing issue when the editor is opened at high zoom on 4k monitors.


  • New UI update! We hope you enjoy the modern experience and take advantage of new tool-tips to describe common regular expressions and text/file formatting.

PowerToys Run

  • Windows Terminal Plugin added. Open shells through Windows Terminal via _ activation command by default.
  • Added environment variables to Folder plugin search.
  • Fixed certain schemas that were overwritten with HTTPS.
  • Fixed issue with program plugin getting caught in infinite loops as certain file paths are recursively searched.

Video Conference Mute

  • VCM added to stable releases of PowerToys!

For more details, check out this Github entry.

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