PowerToys v0.33.1 Is Out with Improved “First Time Load” Experience


PowerToys v0.33.1 is now available with several changes and improvements. The development team has also promised to deliver a 0.34 experimental release next week that will bring in the Video Conference utility. "We feel we are near ready to add in Video Conference mute into the stable release pending feedback from the pending 0.34 experimental release," Microsoft writes.

Here is the complete changelog of PowerToys v0.33.1


  • Updated overview links to be language agnostic to the docs site.
  • ‘First time load’ experience. The hope is a quick, light way to learn about basic functionality. We have some more work to do and want to also use the same framework for teaching about updates as well.
  • Localization corrections


  • Adjusted editor UX based on feedback.
  • New options to change zone activation algorithm.

File Explorer

  • Improved how SVG images are previewed in the preview pane.
  • Proof of concept for using Monaco editor for previewing dev files. This will enable over 125+ file types.

PowerToys Run

  • Plugin Manager now is in settings. You can directly turn on / off, include items in general search, and change the action key!
  • Improved support for additional window managers by abstracting out shell process calls.
  • Fix for PT Run registering the hotkey on non-supported OS versions.
  • ~ will now act as the user home directory in Folder plugin.
  • Service plugin has adjusted status messages

Video Conference Mute (Experimental)

  • Adjust video muting to leverage DirectShow.
  • Goal is to have 0.34 experimental release week of March 8th.


  • When restarting as admin, the settings now will reopen.

ARM64 Progress

  • Investigation on how we’ll accomplish Settings with the XAML Island and WPF app.

For more details and installation, head over to GitHub.

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