Ever Wanted to Flaunt Windows 98 on iPhone 6 Plus Without Jailbreaking? Possible!

Rafia Shaikh

Apparently, an iOS user has been able to port Windows 98 on the recently released iPhone 6 Plus - the highlight? He achieved it without even jailbreaking his iPhone!

Windows 98 on iPhone 6 Plus:

It is reportedly the first time ever that someone has been able to have Windows installed on an iOS device without the need of jailbreaking it first. This apparent history is made by a Chinese user with a handle xyqo58775 who has posted this on a tech forum. He has managed to accomplish this feat using iDos app, an emulator that lets you play DOS games on your iOS devices.

He further plans to run Windows XP on his iPhone 6 Plus, however, he notes that the installation process halts after a certain time of which he has found no solution as of yet. Looking at his current achievement, it would be no wonder if he would be able to flash XP on iPhone 6 Plus without first jailbreaking it. iPhoneHacks reminds us that someone else had earlier achieved having Windows on iPhone back in 2009. The Russian hacker managed to port Windows 95 on iPhone 3G, however, he had to first jailbreak it.

It is indeed quite interesting to see Windows running on iPhone. Of course it has no practical use and iOS is a polished, loved mobile operating system. However, it is still very interesting to see the possibilities of trying out new operating systems on the closed environment of iOS.

The guide to port Windows 98 on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is now available and you too can use it to try out Windows on your iOS device. However, for now it is only available in Chinese so you will have to wait for an English translation if translation engines don't do a good job. A new iPhone 6 model is at stake, after all.

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