Pokemon GO Managed to Earn Almost a Billion Dollars in 2016


The instant-hit title Pokemon GO for both iOS and Android managed to rake in almost a billion dollars in 2016.

Pokemon GO Made Shy of a Billion Dollars in 2016, Despite Being Available for Half a Year

The world of mobile gaming was taken by surprise when Niantic Labs released Pokemon GO for iOS and Android devices last year. Instantly, it managed to climb on top of charts, and it was almost certain there was no way to slow the hype train down. Although the hype did die down eventually, but during its time of availability in 2016, the game managed to pull in revenue close to a billion dollars. That's a mighty huge amount of money given the fact the game was only available for half a year and saw a gradual rollout worldwide.

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Probably the most interesting thing to note here is that the game is free. Free to download, to be more precise. But of course, there are in-app purchases which users can utilize in order to enhance the overall gameplay experience. In other words, the freemium formula combined with a strong fan-base worked out well for Niantic, leading to a sharp revenue stream last year.

From July 6th till December 31st, Pokemon GO managed to rake in $950 million. That's not all though, in just 110 days of release, the game managed to pull in $800 million. App Annie had this to say on the matter:

This was far faster than some of the most successful mobile games of all time. To put Pokémon Go’s success in a broader perspective, its global consumer spend in 2016 exceeded the total worldwide box office gross of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Given how things stand, we can't predict at all if Pokemon GO will ever see a massive revival. Although Niantic Labs did push out some great updates in the past few months, but that didn't help much to sway gamers back. Also, China has banned the game due to security related concerns, and we are certain this will deliver a big blow to Niantic in terms of revenue.

But still, Pokemon GO saw its fair share of fame in such a small period of time. What more can you expect from it?