Pokemon GO Version 1.0.3 For iOS Released – Changelog


Niantic has just released Pokemon GO version 1.0.3 for iOS users. Here's everything that is new in this update.

Pokemon GO Version 1.0.3 Is A Maintenance Release Aiming To Squash Bugs

As more and more players are getting to grips with Pokemon GO, bugs are bound to surface. Keeping that in mind, Niantic has released the third update to its famed game on iOS, with the second one dropping just a week back. And by looking at the changelog it's fairly evident the company is aiming to squash bugs and keep the experience as smooth as possible for players.

From the App Store:

What's New in Version 1.0.3

Minor text fixes.

Quite frankly, the changelog might look like a joke, but bug fixes are excellent to have. Why, you ask? Because they make sure you don't hit a roadblock while using the piece of software.

If you have Pokemon GO installed on your iPhone or iPad, then simply grab the update from the App Store. Launch the App Store app from your home screen and tap on 'Updates' at the bottom right corner. You'll see an update for Pokemon GO there and then waiting to be downloaded.

If you're not feeling the vibe to visit the App Store at all and doing what we have written above then you can download Pokemon GO directly from here. Android users can download Pokemon GO from this link. The title is absolutely free to download on both platforms.

Wrap Up

There's no way the Pokemon GO hype train is going to stop any time soon. Big names such as T-Mobile have also jumped into the madness by offering free data and discounted Lyft rides to players. Furthermore, developers are also making use of this opportunity to create crowd-sourced maps to help the community find Pokemon nearby. That's the scale of the game and it keeps on getting better and better, of course. And it won't be long till it starts smashing records the world over either.

We will keep our readers updated regarding more Pokemon GO related news as it arrives. Meanwhile, be sure to check out the links we have posted below to get yourself up to speed in the world of Pokemon.