This Map Shows Exact Location Of Every Pokemon, Gym & PokeStop – But There’s A Small Catch

Uzair Ghani
Pokemon GO

Someone took the liberty to come up with a Google Map that shows the exact location of every Pokemon, Gym and PokeStop nearby. But of course there's a catch to it.

Find Every Pokemon, Gym & PokeStop Near You With This Handy Map

A few days back we featured a community-driven iOS app that showed the location of every nearby Pokemon on a map. A perfect companion for Pokemon GO users. But the problem with the app is that it's 'community-driven,' which means data comes in as new entries are made regarding found Pokemon. Basically, you will be greeted with an empty map if no one in your area is playing Pokemon GO. Not ideal in some cases.

However, someone took the liberty to pull in all the raw data from the Pokemon GO game itself and laid it out on a map. This means you will be able to find the exact location of every Pokemon, Gym or a PokeStop without worrying about anything at all. We will go as far as saying that this is indeed cheating if you make use of this map. It's that perfect.

But, there is one problem which should be made absolutely clear at this point.

The map is not something everyone can make use of immediately. It's hosted on GitHub with all the necessary files and whatnot. So basically, you have to compile it and fiddle with some command lines to get it up and running. Those very same command lines can be used to add filters to the map if you want to set it to show a particular object or everything altogether.

Quite frankly, we wouldn't recommend using the map as it ruins the whole aim of the game. Leveling up using your own personal efforts is the way to go if you're asking us. We will not, in any case, support using unfair means to crawl to the top.

If you still can't refrain yourself from using this map though, then head over to this Reddit thread where there are complete step by step instructions to set up the map. Remember, it's not an easy task, and is something which takes quite a bit of time. Be well aware of this fact before proceeding.

Lastly, keep in mind Niantic will definitely pull the plug on this project. Act now if you want to explore the map. Or don't.

Wrap Up

Given the time and effort people are putting in Pokemon GO, it's safe to say the hype is going to stay for a long time. If you haven't downloaded Pokemon GO just yet, now's the time to do so from the App Store and Google Play. It's absolutely free.

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