Pokemon GO Now Has 5 Million Daily Players, Fell From a Monstrous 30 Million

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO launched with a lot of buzz last year. In fact, at during that time period, it managed to serve 30 million active users on a daily basis. But that number has fallen down significantly.

Pokemon GO Active Players Fell from 30 Million to 5 Million Per Day

Pokemon GO is without a doubt one of the biggest mobile games every launched. When it was launched on the iOS App Store and Google Play last year in July, it managed to serve a whopping 30 million users (28.5 million is the exact figure) on a daily basis for a few weeks. This number is remarkable given the fact that the game was available in a select few regions only.

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Over time though, that active number started to fall pretty fast, till last December, where this game served only 5 million active players on a daily basis. Though that 5 million number seems remarkable, but it is measly compared to the mighty 30 million from last Summer.

The above data was monitored and released by comScore.

From the 5 million players being served on a daily basis, 60% of those are millennials falling in the 18 to 34 age bracket. Also, it should be noted here that this data was collected between July and December 2016. This does not include the first three months of 2017 at all. There's a chance that these numbers have either matured or fallen even more. Only a new set of data will be able to paint a better picture.

Niantic has been doing all sorts of things to lure people back into the game. From the introduction of new Pokemon to initiating a bunch of wonderful events, things have been kept fresh for players for a long time. But still, with the initial hype dying down, it seems the game requires a fresh reboot by implementing features that are drastically different.

If you are still eager to dive back into the game, then you can do so by tapping on the links below. The game is still free, and in-app purchases available to those who require them.

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Let's see if Niantic is able to turn its fortunes around with a mighty big update to the game.


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