A Plethora of Battlefield 4 Alpha Screenshots Leak

Battlefield 4 is coming out later this year but as usual, the game will go though Alpha and Beta testing, even though those of you who bought Medal of Honor: Warighter are promised early access to the beta, it appears that the game is currently in the very early Alpha stages and for some reason is debuting on the Xbox 360. Take a look at these Battlefield 4 Alpha Screenshots, but do keep in mind that these may or may not be real so please take them with a pinch of salt.

Battlefield 4 Alpha Screenshots

 Battlefield 4 Alpha Screenshots have just made their way to the internet, real or fake? You decide!

To say that Battlefield 4 is a highly anticipated AAA title which every console / PC owner is dying to get would be a massive understatement to say the least, it appears that the Alpha testing of the game has already begun and the game has the familiarity of Battlefield 3 with the exception of less blue filter and more colors.

The new HUD is also pretty impressive and definitely deserves some praise, even though the screenshots don't show any actual combat since the player appears to be playing on a model map, you can expect more leaks like this to follow in the near future.

As you can see in the massive gallery of 59 images, the person who captured the screens going by the alias of "Mystogan" went through various high's to be able to prove as much as he could that these are indeed the genuine article, even though the screenshots do look tempting do keep in mind that these could just as easily be faked and that you should take them with a pinch of salt.

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