PlayStation Online Services Seemingly Down After Latest Update

Ule Lopez
PlayStation Online Services

It seems as if PlayStation Plus's online services have gone down recently after the latest firmware update. The new firmware update for Sony’s next-gen console updates to the system software from version 21.02-04.51.00 to 22.01-05.00. This new update includes new features on PS5 (as well as PS4), including the ability to create or join Open and Closed Parties on PS5 and PS4 consoles.

However, after the update was made public, user complaints started surfacing across the internet about how their PlayStation Plus memberships were not able to be verified. You can look at some of the complaints below:

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Indeed, it seems like the latest PlayStation 5 update may be the reason behind the latest number of issues. Initially, it was thought that the issue was exclusive to Elden Ring players. Seeing as how that game's maintenance period was extended by Bandai Namco and FromSoftware.

However, as of the time of writing, any PS5 that has installed the update is unable to play games that require an online connection. This extends to games such as Gran Turismo 7, GTA Online, Call of Duty, and other games that require a PlayStation Plus subscription to be played online. This means that you will not be able to play any game with online services for the moment.

Of course, like any other problematic issue that plagues PlayStation titles, it extends far beyond a minor inconvenience. Why? Because it seems like PlayStation Plus memberships are not being properly registered after the issue became known. Several users have confirmed that their PlayStation Plus memberships are either not being recognized or are presenting issues with multiple charges:

At the time of writing, PlayStation UK has acknowledged the issue so far. The company has answered to one user's complaints to tell them that the issue is currently being investigated.

Regarding the PlayStation Plus issues? No word regarding possible refunds or help for other users who have been charged multiple times for their memberships has been made in any of PlayStation's channels as of yet. However, we'll update this story as it continues to develop.


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