PlayStation 5 Leaked Images Hint Outer Plates May be Swappable

PlayStation 5 game presets feature

The PlayStation 5 is certainly a unique-looking console, and frankly, not everyone is a fan. That said, there may be some good news for folks who aren’t into the console’s black-and-white dual-tone look – some seemingly-legit leaked images from an assembly line in China provides a closer look at the PS5’s white faceplates, and it seems they may be fairly easily removed/replaced. To the point it feels like there’s a chance Sony may sell replacement faceplates. You can check out the images for yourself, below.


Of course, take this all with a grain of salt for now. These images don’t appear to be Photoshops (I’ve done enough Photoshops to know), but there is always that slim chance that this is an elaborate hoax involving fake 3D-printed components. That said, this looks legit to me.

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So, if these images are indeed the real deal, it looks like the PS5’s plates are held on not with screws, but with some sort of pegs/hooks, hinting they may be relatively easy to remove. Now, this could be because Sony plans to sell swappable faceplates or it could simply be that Sony wants players to be able to easily access the console’s insides for whatever reason. Cooling was a big consideration in the PS5’s design, so maybe you can pop off the outer shell as an emergency thing if the machine is overheating?

Oh, and another thing is seemingly reconfirmed by this image – the PS5 is a big boy. If that piece of paper laying on top of it is a standard 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inch sheet, then that would line up with previous estimates that the console is a solid 14 to 15 inches tall/long.

What do you think? Will the PlayStation 5 have swappable faceplates? And if it does, what look will you be going for with your machine?

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